Alpharetta Community Information

To meet the demands of projected economic and job growth, developers are building distinctive office parks in Alpharetta and Roswell as well as development of high-rises in the Sandy Springs area. With an overabundance of available land, the cost of developing in North Fulton County is low compared to most major metropolitan markets today. An example of one successful venture is Alpharetta's 'Windward,' a prestigious Terrabrook community. It encompasses 3,400 acres of corporate development including offices, community facilities, retail and upscale residential neighborhoods. This style of urbanism is unique to North Fulton while becoming a model for other communities hoping to imitate.

Another factor effecting North Fulton's popularity is the surprisingly low cost of living. According to the Research Department at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, in a study compiled and published by ACCRA, the cost of living index for Atlanta is 100.6 compared to 135.6 for Boston or 121.6 for Chicago. It is lower for residents of Atlanta than those living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Many find this fact difficult to believe in light of the considerable amount of amenities this area has to offer. In addition to growth in retail space, Alpharetta has absorbed approximately six million square feet of office space in three years. One such development is Brookside, home to Georgia State University's North Campus. Due to such dynamic growth, Alpharetta's residential population has grown to almost 66,000 while the daytime population approaches 70,000 people.